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accompany vulnerable people arriving in Italy and France

15th February 2019

Consortium Kick off Meeting

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From the very beginning of the project, the whole consortium started working together in order to achieve all the project goals.

20th July 2019

First anti radicalization course

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During this day, the beneficiaries…

19th October

First six months activities

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Project Backgroung

In recent years vulnerability of forced migrants has been exacerbated by worsening conflicts in their home country making repatriation less and less a viable option. A growing number of potential refugees attempt to escape transit countries to reach the EU by embarking in dangerous journeys to cross the Mediterranean Sea and illegally enter the EU.


In this context, since 2016, Diaconia Valdese, together with the Italian Federation of the Evangelical Churches (FCEI) in Italy and other ecumenical organisations, and the Protestant Federation of France (FEP) in France signed a Protocol of Agreement with the relevant Ministries for the establishment of Humanitarian Corridors (HC) to ensure the legal and safe resettlement of vulnerable people. 


Starting from these experiences that represent in the current EU context a valid example of private sponsorship fully bottom-up, financed and managed by civil society actors, the proposed Project aims to promote safe and durable integration practices of vulnerable forced migrants who have been resettled from outside the EU.


Charity Dinner

Volunteer meeting

School craft festival

Integration and inclusion within the Humanitarian Corridor

migrants arriving to Italy and France via HCs will be accompanied towards their full and effective social, cultural and economic integration in the EU society through the implementation of a wide range of pre-departure and post-arrival activities.

Identification and dissemination of good integration practices

the achievements of the HC experiences in France and in Italy will be exposed to lessons learnt coming from UK to be then spread across institutions and practitioners so to set the stage for durable European integration practices to be applied within private sponsorship and resettlement schemes.


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